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Our Product For You

High Quality Data

You can be certain that our data is always up-to-date, properly collected and timestamped.


We generate real-time features and predictions to enhance your ML models and trading decision-making.

API Access

You'll have programmatic access to all real-time and historical power data, shipped in a unified user-friendly format.

Interactive Dasboard

You can get a quick overview of all the available data, plot or download it as as CSV.

Why Us

Data Quality

We have one unified format for all our data feeds.
We fix or flag all quirks in the data.


We have redundancy systems to not lose any data.
We monitor our systems 24/7.

Real History

We put actual timestamps of when the data was consumed.
We keep all history without overwriting data.


We build our own features and predictions.
This data is unique.

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